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Friday, July 2, 2010

Guide To Testing Your Well Water

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As many of use are already aware the water we drink is most likely from a town supply or delivered from a well. Whether or not your water comes from a well or town tap then it is important to test your drinking water once per year especially if you have children that drink the water! If your water is supplied by a well then the importance goes up two fold. See town water sterilization plants are required to test their water every so often and send a report to each customer with the results. Although this is one safeguard against contaminated water it is still important to check your water right at the pipes in your house as there are many factors that can poison water between the water plant and your faucet. But if your water is supplied by a well there is no periodic testing done and you must conduct this your self. We can not stress the importance of testing your water!! We sell dozens of simple to use "Do It Yourself" water test kits every month at our stores. To purchase one online simply go to www.SharpWebLabs.com or www.FloridaHerbHouse.com and type in - WATER QUALITY TEST - in the search box.

 Simply stated, a well is a hole drilled into the earth to obtain water. Slotted plastic or metal well casing is placed in the hole and a pump is installed to pump the water out. Properly constructed wells have a seal installed to reduce the chance of surface water entering the well. Improperly constructed wells including hand-dug wells and some older wells may allow contaminants to enter the well.The types of businesses and activities in your neighborhood could affect groundwater. Are you located near any of the activities mentioned in the next section? Look around your community for any possible contamination threats to your water quality.

Periodically inspect exposed parts of the well for damaged casing, broken or missing well cap, or cracked seals. Slope the area around your well to drain surface runoff away from the well. Avoid mixing or storing pesticides, fertilizers, fuels or other Pump and inspect your sewage disposal system regularly. Never dispose of toxic chemicals down household drains. Hire a licensed well driller for any new well construction, modification, abandonment, or closure. Most types of water contamination can be treated. Water softeners or filters do not guarantee water safety. Different contaminants may require specific treatment systems.

Some groundwater naturally contains dissolved elements such as arsenic, boron, selenium, or radon. Whether these natural contaminants can cause health problems depends on the amount of the substance present, how long you have been exposed to the substance and on your overall health. In addition to natural substances, groundwater is often polluted by human activities generating contaminants such as:

Microorganisms (agricultural operations, sewage treatment ponds, septic systems)
Fuels - gasoline & diesel (gas stations, auto body shops, maintenance yards, industrial facilities)
Solvents – Volatile Organic Compounds such as PCE (dry cleaners, industrial facilities, auto repair shops, chemical storage facilities, landfills)
Nitrates (agricultural operations, sewage treatment ponds,septic systems)
Pesticides (agricultural operations, suburban yards)
Metals - lead, arsenic & copper (mining, old agricultural operations, industrial operations, leaded fuel, household plumbing)

Although your water may taste and smell fine, the only way to know for sure that your water is safe is by testing it. Harmful bacteria or chemicals that you cannot see, smell or taste could be present. Water testing is important because it:

Helps you identify if contaminants are present!
Tells you how much contaminant is present!

Having your water tested regularly will help you become aware of a potential problem early so that you can take steps to address it. Buy a water quality test kit today!

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Stephen Sharp
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